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Configure Exim to send emails with Gmail

Written by on 12/12/2022
We will see how to configure Exim4 to send system emails with Gmail. This will ensure that your emails sent with your CRON are correctly routed and do not end up in spam. Let's install Exim4 apt-get install exim4 Configuration dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config Choose: mail sent by smarthost; no local mail Then answer the questions as follows: System mail name: YOUR_HOSTNAME IP-addresses to listen on for incoming SMTP connections: ; ::1 Other destinations fo...

Migration and upgrade of a GitLab-ce server

Written by on 29/06/2021
Every 5 years, it's the same song and dance. The Debian LTS version is expiring, and it's time to update the server. It's also an opportune moment to upgrade to a newer machine to benefit from improved performance.If we have a SATA hard drive, it's better to start with new disks regardless, since their lifespan is limited. So we will proceed with a series of backups on the old server, transfer them to the new one, and reinstall everything as it was. In our case, we were on Debian 8, which sup...

Microsoft Teams: Join a chat room automatically from a link on Linux

Written by on 28/03/2021
Tags:   Microsoft, shell, linux
Today, using Teams on Linux is essential given its prevalence in the corporate world.You will always have a contact, a client, or a work group that uses this tool.And it works very well on Linux. EXCEPT since the latest update, where the direct access links to meetings no longer work.You click the link, a web page opens, then you click on "Open your Teams application". Then, the application opens, but not the conference. And since we're not on Zoom, it's impossible to open the c...

Chrome – videostream: fix chromecast search on linux

Written by on 31/05/2019
Install the initial extension: Go to => chrome://flags/ search for “Views Cast dialog” in the “Views Cast dialog” setting, change “Default” to “Disabled” search for “Upcoming UI features” in the “Upcoming UI features” setting, change “Default” to “Disabled” Restart chrome. The chrome cast search popup should then appear.

Increase swap space

Written by on 02/05/2019
Starting with Ubuntu 18.04, a swap file rather than a dedicated swap partition is used. The swap file is named "swapfile". To modify the size of this swap file: Disable the swap file and delete it (not really necessary as you are going to overwrite it) sudo swapoff /swapfile sudo rm /swapfile Create a new swap file of the desired size. Determine the size of your swap file. If you want to create a 4 GB swap file, you will need to write 4 * 1024 blocks of 10242 bytes (= 1 MiB). ...

Disable functions that crash Ubuntu 18.04

Written by on 08/03/2019
All these little tools will be useful for the paranoid, but in my case, they cause the machine to crash and make me unproductive.After removing them, the machine finally became stable.1 – Disable error reporting. vi /etc/default/apportset the parameter: enabled=02 – Remove snapdsudo apt autoremove --purge snapd sudo apt-get remove --purge gnome-software-plugin-snap rm -rf ~/snap3 – Remove apparmor sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor stop sudo update-rc.d -f apparmor remove4 – Install a recent kernel s...

Import a database from an all-database dump

Written by on 07/10/2018
This command connects to the MySQL database server as the root user with the password 'toor'. It targets the server running on 'localhost', selects the database named 'caue_edp', and directs the output to the same 'caue_edp' database from the SQL dump file 'all-mysql-databases.20181005.sql'.

acer : Enable SD card reading

Written by on 31/07/2017
To activate the SD card reader on a laptop running Ubuntu:1 – Back up your module file:sudo cp /etc/modules /etc/modules.bak2 – Edit the module file and add the « tifm_sd » module at the end of the filesudo gedit /etc/modules or sudo vi /etc/modules3 – Restart the machine or activate modules:sudo modprobe tifm_sd

Zend IDE, optimize startup and remove default Git Staging

Written by on 04/02/2017
To make Zend IDE launch faster, simply deactivate all the modules that initialize at launch. Window -> Preferences -> General -> Startup and Shutdown And uncheck everything To prevent Zend IDE from using Git Staging, just remove it from the default launch. Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Git -> Committing And uncheck the first box "Use Staging View to commit instead of Commit Dialog"

Compile PHP 5.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Written by on 20/01/2017
Category:   Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Tags: the necessary libraries sudo apt-get install libfcgi-dev libfcgi0ldbl libjpeg62-dbg libmcrypt-dev libssl-dev libbz2-dev libjpeg-dev libfreetype6-dev libpng12-dev libxpm-dev libxml2-dev libpcre3-dev libbz2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libjpeg-dev libpng12-dev libxpm-dev libfreetype6-dev libmysqlclient-dev libgmp-dev libsasl2-dev libmhash-dev unixodbc-dev freetds-dev libpspell-dev libsnmp-dev libt...

Solve Skype 32bit connection issues on 64bit

Written by on 09/06/2016
Tags:   skype, ubuntu, linux
I'm not sure if it's related, but when installing the 32-bit version of Skype on my 16.04LTS 64-bit system, Skype, which is only available in 32-bit, did not retrieve my ongoing conversations. Even worse! The discussion groups were invisible, and I couldn't see the messages being sent to me (I could hear the notifications on Skype phone, but not on desktop).To fix this, I found an interesting page that helped me out with two commands:

Edit Unity Launcher shortcuts

Written by on 08/06/2016
To edit a shortcut in Unity's quick launch bar, you need to edit the corresponding .desktop file in the menu created. To see the full list of available shortcuts: gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites This returns an array with all the elements. tbourdin@tbourdin-ubuntu:~$ gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites ['application://gnome-terminal.desktop', 'application://firefox.desktop', 'application://thunderbird.desktop', 'application://org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop', ...

Manage Nautilus Default Directories

Written by on 08/06/2016
Just edit the following file: ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs XDG_PUBLICSHARE_DIR="$HOME/Public" XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR="$HOME/Downloads" XDG_MUSIC_DIR="$HOME/Music" XDG_VIDEOS_DIR="$HOME/Videos" XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop" XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR="$HOME/Documents" XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR="$HOME/Templates" XDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/Pictures"

Launch Viber (minimized) on startup

Written by on 08/06/2016
Launch the application preferences manager at startup: gnome-session-properties Then add a Viber item with the following command: Name: Viber Command: /opt/viber/Viber StartMinimized Comment: Commentaire par défaut. To launch Skype with a specific user (to launch it minimized, options->Start Skype minimized in the system tray): Name: Skype Command: /bin/sh -c "echo 'tbourdin.partitech xxxxx' | skype --pipelogin" Comment: Skype.

Increase the Size of a VirtualBox Hard Drive

Written by on 17/10/2015
To change the size of a disk, you need to clone it to vdi, increase the size, and thenVBoxManage clonehd "source.vmdk" "cloned.vdi" --format vdiVBoxManage modifyhd "cloned.vdi" --resize 51200VBoxManage clonehd "cloned.vdi" "resized.vmdk" --format vmdkTo change the UUID of the disk, simply run this command:VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid disk2.vdi

[Ubuntu] enable numlock on boot

Written by on 12/03/2015
Category:   Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Shell
To enable the numeric keypad on startup, install numlockx and  create or edit the file sudo apt-get install numlockx puis créez ou éditez le fichier de conf suivant : #Pour 14.04 LTS sudo vi /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/60-lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf #Pour 16.04 LTS /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-unity-greeter.conf and add the following information: #Pour 14.04 LTS [SeatDefaults] greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on #Pour 16.04 LTS [Seat:*] greeter-...