Technically skilled by nature, partITech has naturally taken an interest in Artificial Intelligence.

Our curiosity quickly surpassed the usual approach of technological monitoring that we all do daily as developers.

Every day new players, new tools, new uses emerge on the market!

partITech has therefore decided to allocate human and technical resources to an R&D unit dedicated to studying the broad range of uses of Artificial Intelligence in the web. An extensive program…

THE LAB was born!

Our AI Philosophy - Thinking Beyond Code

At the LAB, we see artificial intelligence as an extension of our creativity and curiosity. AI is not just a set of tools, but a new language for solving complex problems and offering unique user experiences.

There are many projects and possibilities! Here are currently 2 areas of reflection and research for THE LAB:

1 - AI and its impact on the Web of tomorrow The impact of AI in web development and beyond is immense. We are thinking about how advances in AI can transform the user experience, optimize the performance of websites, and open new paths for smarter web solutions. Looking to the future, we envision a world where AI and web development merge to create unprecedented digital experiences.

2 - AI: Exploration and Innovation We explore various aspects of AI, from natural language processing to machine learning. Each project at the LAB is an opportunity to test new ideas, challenge established norms, and experiment with new technologies. The LAB's projects, through their teachings, help us forge the web tools of tomorrow. Our approach is guided by constant exploration, a willingness to learn and innovate, and a commitment to integrate ethics at the heart of all our AI initiatives.

partITech documents its experiences along the way, which you can find in The LAB's Blog. We are only at the beginning, but as you have noticed, advances and developments are happening at an unprecedented rate.

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