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Development and hosting of the French website of the car manufacturer Hyundai allowing to present all models of passenger cars as well as the distribution network in France.

partITech carried out the Technical Design phase, set up and supervised a production team (technical project manager, developers, HTML integrators, testers), supervised the acceptance and production.

Result: Optimized referencing, increase in dealership visits, vehicle tests, and sales.

Category : Automotive
Client : Hyundai Motor France
Website :


Hyundai wants to equip itself with a new website allowing its customers and prospects to more easily identify the vehicles that meet their expectations using decision support tools such as the car configurator and 360° vehicle visualization. The goal is to bring future customers into the dealership for a test drive.

The website must also allow Hyundai's marketing team to collect data on prospects and customers in order to adapt the manufacturer's commercial approach to the expectations of the French market. The team wants to be independent to update the site content according to planned marketing and communication operations.

Finally, Hyundai wants technical support that allows it to evolve the features of the website over several years.


Given Hyundai's objectives, the technology chosen to develop their new website is the Open Source Zend Framework and the Melis content management system (CMS).

The Zend Framework allows for custom development of all functionalities.
To achieve this, partITech starts by designing the data model describing the relationships between about sixty tables (model, engine, color, media...) that allow the car configurator and the price calculation to be realized. This is the core of the project and it is around the development of this feature that the rest of the site can be realized.

The PHP language allows the development of connections.
Connections with the CRM used by Hyundai and satellite Internet sites such as the one dedicated to used vehicles or distributor sites.

The Melis CMS allows to update the site content.
It is the implementation of a classic content management tool.

The Zend Framework allows the site to evolve over time.
By developing in PHP with the help of the Zend development Framework, it is possible to get exactly the desired functionalities and the possibility to improve them, transform them and create new ones.

It is a free solution!
The advantage of using an Open Source technology is that there are no license fees.

partITech works from functional specifications and graphical elements produced by the client's communication agency. A partITech Technical Project Manager is the single point of contact with the Client and his Agency and is responsible for the quality of the deliverables. partITech collaborates with the host to optimize the application by setting up the most performant infrastructure and notably a CDN.


The website put online offers the essential features for promoting the products of the 5th largest car manufacturer in the world. It interfaces perfectly with the other websites in the Hyundai Motor France galaxy.

Digital presence strengthened thanks to optimized referencing.

Increasing number of visits and tests in dealerships.

Increasing sales of new cars, used cars, and long-term rentals.

The quality of partITech's work and its responsiveness allows it to continue its collaboration with Hyundai today, both for maintenance and for carrying out upgrades. Later, Hyundai entrusted us with hosting this website and managing this hosting.