Symfony Sonata Expertise

partITech has been developing custom digital projects with the Symfony Framework since 2012 and the Sonata CMF since 2015.

Symfony is an internationally recognized open source Framework that provides a structured and standardized development base. It is supported by a large community of developers and contributors. In addition to improving productivity, Symfony also facilitates team collaboration, updating and maintenance of applications.

Sonata is a Content Management Framework, i.e. a set of tools allowing to implement advanced features without additional development in a Symfony project.

When you choose Symfony, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Interface with numerous external tools (CRM, SSO, geolocation, social networks, payment solutions, etc.),
  • Evolving your application over time,
  • Enhanced security thanks to regularly available new versions,
  • A structured code facilitating knowledge transfer to other developers.

partITech is a recognized expert for its Symfony developments.

Our achievements: three examples of Symfony projects

  • The Hyundai used vehicle saleswebsite: creation of a unique sales platform for Hyundai and all distributors, interfacing with the information systems of 200 distributors (stock, CRM, financing) and development of content management and customer journey interfaces.
  • The websites of CAUE of Île-de-France: creation of a multi-site infrastructure hosting 10 websites promoting the architectural, urban, landscape and environmental quality of the region. Implementation of a unique responsive site structure reducing development time while allowing each site to have its own menu and graphic style. Development of content management and sharing interfaces between the 10 sites.
  • The telematic reporting interfaces of the CFC (French Centre for the exploitation of the right to Copy): development of tools for the teledeclaration of reproduced works allowing the invoicing of press and book copyright fees.

You too can benefit from our services for:

Your need is specific but you are looking for a proven tool that can be maintained by as many as possible? Symfony is made for you!

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