Partitech Sonata Extra Bundle : Migrating Your Site from WordPress

This guide provides a step-by-step process to migrate your WordPress site content to the Sonata Extra Bundle.

Step 1: Importing Content

Begin by importing your WordPress content using the following command

bin/console sonata-extra:wordpress-importer --url --user wordpressUser --token "s2df5 df5df1 qsd8f yu65u wxc56 uj16 eret9"

For detailed instructions on this command, refer to WordPress Importer Command. WordPress importer command

After executing this command, your categories, tags, and articles from WordPress should be imported successfully.

Step 2: Viewing Articles

You can now view your articles using the blog routes provided by Sonata.

Step 3: Translation Setup

To translate content into multiple languages, follow these steps:

  1. Configure Your OpenAI Account:

Refer to the Translation API Documentation for configuring your OpenAI account. Alternatively, you can use your custom provider or opt not to use a translation API.

  1. API Configuration:

Update the Sonata Extra Bundle configuration to include your translation API settings:

    translate_on_create_page: true
    translate_on_create_translation: true
    default_provider: open_ai
        class: Partitech\SonataExtra\Translation\Provider\OpenAiProvider
        api_key: '%open_ai_api_key%'
        model: '%open_ai_api_model%'
        max_token_per_request: 200

Set open_ai_api_key and open_ai_api_model in your .env file.

Choosing the Model: For complex languages, gpt-4 is recommended. For English, gpt-3.5-turbo should suffice. Note that GPT-3 will be faster and more cost-effective.

Enable Automatic Translation: Add the #[Translatable] attribute and import Partitech\SonataExtra\Attribute\Translatable in your entity properties for automatic translation.

Step 4: Translating Content

Execute the following commands to translate your content (you may want to add your own services):

bin/console sonata:extra:translate-content --site=2,3,4,5 --reference-site=1 --service="sonata.classification.admin.category"
bin/console sonata:extra:translate-content --site=2,3,4,5 --reference-site=1 --service="sonata.classification.admin.tag"
bin/console sonata:extra:translate-content --site=2,3,4,5 --reference-site=1 --service="Partitech\SonataExtra\Admin\ArticleAdmin"
bin/console sonata:extra:translate-content --site=2,3,4,5 --reference-site=1 --service="Partitech\SonataExtra\Admin\EditorAdmin"
bin/console sonata:extra:translate-content --site=2,3,4,5 --reference-site=1 --service=""

Note: If the translation process freezes, simply restart the process, and it will resume from where it left off.

If you haven't configured your menu yet, it's advised to duplicate the default menu first.

  1. Duplicate the Menu: Manually duplicate the default menu. Note that the tree structure will not be preserved and must be rearranged manually.

  2. Fixing Menu URLs:

Run the following command to correct the URLs of menu items:

bin/console sonata:extra:fix-menu-url --menu=6

This command will adjust the URLs to match the localized pages in SonataPage.

Step 6: Creating Snapshots

Finally, create snapshots of your pages with the command:

bin/console sonata:page:create-snapshots