Partitech Sonata Extra Bundle : WordPress-import

Command Overview

The sonata-extra:wordpress-importer command is designed for importing images, categories, posts, and tags from a WordPress site into your application. This command is key for integrating WordPress content with ease.


sonata-extra:wordpress-importer --url=[WORDPRESS_SITE_URL] --user=[USERNAME] --token="[TOKEN]"


  • --url: The URL of the WordPress site from which content is to be imported.
  • --user: Your WordPress username.
  • --token: The authentication token for API access.

Generating WordPress Connection Token using REST API

To use the sonata-extra:wordpress-importer command, a valid WordPress REST API authentication token is required. Below is the procedure to generate this token.

Step 1: Log into WordPress Admin Panel

Access the WordPress admin panel by navigating to

Step 2: Enable REST API

Make sure that the WordPress REST API is enabled, which is the default setting in the latest WordPress versions.

Step 3: Create Application Password

  1. Navigate to Users > Your Profile.
  2. Find the Application Passwords section.
  3. Enter a name for the new application password and click Add New.
  4. Note down the generated password, as it will be used as your token.

Step 4: Use the Application Password

The generated application password will serve as your token for the sonata-extra:wordpress-importer command.

Step 5: Execute Command with Token

Use the generated application password as the token in your command:

symfony console sonata-extra:wordpress-importer --url=[WORDPRESS_SITE_URL] --user=[USERNAME] --token="[APPLICATION_PASSWORD]"

Replace [WORDPRESS_SITE_URL], [USERNAME], and [APPLICATION_PASSWORD] with your actual WordPress site URL, username, and the application password you generated.