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Use composer and bin/console from your Docker image directly within PHPSTORM

Written by on 19/01/2023
Category:   PHP, phpstorm, Divers
Okay, you are like me. Your machine has nothing installed locally. Not even composer nor PHP in CLI!While you use PHP and maybe even Symfony (or not), you need to use composer daily. You use PhpStorm every day and think it's a shame not to benefit from all the options of your IDE, especially everything related to composer and the Symfony console. So how do you configure PhpStorm to specify that the composer for your project is located in the docker image?Here is an example of docker-compose.y...

Debug with PhpStorm and Symfony in a Docker Image

Written by admin on 19/01/2023
Category:   PHP, PHP / FFI, phpstorm
PHP/Docker Configuration If you are developing with Symfony, installed in a docker compose and still not using the debugger, then this article is for you. We are going to show you how to prepare your environment so you no longer have to do dd() or var_dump. Once you have tasted the joys of debugging, you won't be able to do without it, as it will greatly enhance your comfort. For this article you need to have a Symfony app powered by apache/php (or nginx and...

PHPSTORM Configuration of 'Quality Tools' in a Docker Image

Written by on 15/12/2022
Category:   PHP, phpstorm
Here's a question I recently pondered. Usually, I install QA tools directly on my host or in the Docker image. If tools are installed on my host, there's no problem configuring PhpStorm. If the tools are directly configured in the Docker image, there's also no problem using them within the image. However, how can one combine the power of PhpStorm and Docker to link the two? So, here’s how to proceed with the installation of php_codesniffer, Mess Detector, CS Fixer, PSalm, PhpStan. ...