Development of an E-Commerce site allowing the local Managers of the EDF Solidarity Branch to order directly from the Egetra logistics operator communication supports and accessory packs for households in difficulty.

partITech conducted a Technical Consulting mission with the logistics company, then the Technical Design phase, set up and supervised a production team (technical project manager, developers, HTML integrators, testers) and supervised the acceptance test.

Result: Digitization of the order process, simplification of sales administration, and real-time update of stocks.

Category: Industry, Transport & Logistics
Client: EDF / Egetra


EDF wants to outsource to Egetra the management of its stock of products intended for its local offices in charge of solidarity actions towards its most precarious French clients. People locally authorized must be able to order on the Internet the quantities of products they need within the limits of the budget allocated to them.

To meet this demand, Egetra wants to equip itself with an e-commerce site allowing EDF to be autonomous in the management of its stock. The website must be developed around a reusable base for other logistics customers. Any feature developed specifically for a Customer must be able to be used or not by another.

Egetra wants technical support to be able to make the necessary adaptations for each new client wanting to benefit from an e-commerce site.


Given the objectives of EDF and Egetra, the software chosen to develop the e-commerce site is Magento which is developed in PHP with a Zend Framework.

Magento has all the basic features of an e-commerce site.
partITech sets the software to activate the necessary native features of the project (site administration rights management, graphic customization, product management, shipping fee settings, invoice management…).

Specific developments with Magento.
partITech develops a specific order management process for EDF allowing to verify with each request if the budget of the requester is sufficient to place the order and a validation workflow authorizing or not this order.

The PHP language allows developing a connection with Egetra's Information System.
Connection with the logistics Information System which allows having an updated stock status on the Internet site at each operation of an EDF user.

The Magento community is worldwide and offers a large number of modules.
partITech can implement new features for other Egetra clients without additional developments.
The Zend Framework allows creating custom features.
Developing in PHP with the help of the Zend development Framework is the possibility to obtain exactly the desired features and the possibility to improve them, transform them and create new ones.

The chosen solution is free!
Magento is an Open Source technology which is free in its basic version. The paid version offers technical support and hosting which are not necessary in this project.

partITech works from the specifications of EDF and the functional specifications of Egetra. A partITech Technical Project Manager is the single point of contact with the Client and guarantees the quality of the deliverables.


The website produced and the adaptations available for other clients allow Egetra to offer a new high-value service and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Possibility for each client to have their own e-commerce site.

Sales administration is automated.

Deliveries are triggered by the Internet user.

The stock status is updated automatically.

The quality of partITech's work and its responsiveness allow it to continue its collaboration with Egetra to this day. The e-commerce platform benefits from the developments regularly made available by the Magento editor.