Development of an Internet middle office software designed to optimize, both in terms of management and commercially, the tracking of multi-support products of insurance companies.

partITech carried out the Technical Design phase, set up and supervised a production team (technical project manager, developers, HTML integrators, testers) and supervised the acceptance.

Benefits of the solution: automation and reliability of exchanges between the various stakeholders, reduction of management costs, acceleration of commercial development.

Category : Insurance
Client : Saint-Martin Finances


Saint-Martin Finances wants to create a software that serves as an interface between insurance companies on the one hand, and their clients and prescribers on the other. This Insurance Middle Office must, within the bounds of the regulations, allow the discontinuation of all paper documents that clients and their advisors need to send to the company throughout the life of the contracts.

The Insurance Middle Office software must perform online and automatically the checks currently carried out by insurance companies in order to eliminate all risk of management errors.

Finally, Saint-Martin Finances wants a technical support that allows it to evolve the software's functionalities over several years.


Given the objectives of Saint-Martin Finances, the technologies chosen to develop the M.O.A. software are the Open Source Zend Framework and the Open Source Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Framework.

The Zend Framework allows custom development of all functionalities.
partITech designs the data model, builds the pages following the MVC model provided with the Framework and develops complex modules like the subscription transfer system or the forms of operations using the Framework components.

The PHP language allows the development of extension modules.
Certain mechanisms like the distribution of rights on the UCs, on products or the white label system are developed as a plug-in so any element can be overridden at the time of application initialization.

Generation of PDF or EXCEL views.
Use of a system architected around the Webkit rendering engine and an X server for PDF views and use of the BIFF format for EXCEL views.

Vector graphics compatible with PDF.
Use of the ezCgraph library, a component of the EzComposants Framework, to generate vector format (svg) graphics.

The Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Framework allows multi-platform development.
Generation of native applications for iOS and Android.

The Zend Framework allows to evolve the software over time.
By developing in PHP with the help of the Zend development Framework, it's possible to obtain exactly the desired functionalities and the possibility to improve them, transform them and create new ones. The Zend Framework includes specific components for the implementation of Web Services for real-time data exchanges with mobile OS or between Information Systems.

partITech works from the functional specifications of Saint-Martin Finances. A Technical Project Manager from partITech is the single point of contact with the Client and guarantees the quality of deliverables. The project, divided into lots, mobilizes a production team over several years. partITech also collaborates with a creative team for the integration of user interfaces in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats.


The M.O.A. software developed for Saint-Martin Finances allows an Insurance Company to increase the extent of its network and to support it in its future product needs.

Exchanges between the various players are facilitated.

Transmission of complete and reliable information.

Reduction of 90% of manual entries and checks.

Elimination of management errors.

Real-time updates of information.

User-friendly Clients and Prescriber interfaces.

Given the quality of partITech's work and its responsiveness, Saint-Martin Finances entrusts it with the responsibility for maintaining the platform, the developments, and the integration of the software with its clients.