Drupal Expertise

Discover how partITech can assist you with Drupal development

At partITech, our aim is to provide Drupal development solutions that meet the needs of every business. In this article, we will explain what Drupal is, its advantages and how our team can assist you in the realization of your web project.

1. Drupal: a flexible CMS for your business

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows creating customizable web sites. Its modularity and dynamic community make it a scalable and secure platform for developing your website.

Here are detailed the main advantages of Drupal:

  • Customization and flexibility: Drupal offers great flexibility and customization. It allows the development of complex and personalized websites using third-party modules or by creating its own modules. Drupal can adapt to many types of websites, whether it be e-commerce sites, community sites, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Security: Drupal is known for its robust security. It is regularly updated to fix security flaws and is used by companies and governments around the world due to its reliable security.
  • Scalability: Drupal is able to handle high-traffic websites and scale them easily depending on the needs of the business. It can manage thousands of web pages and millions of visitors each month.
  • Multilingual: Drupal offers complete multilingual support. Websites can easily be translated into several languages, which can help businesses reach an international audience.
  • Active community: Drupal has a very active and committed community of developers and users. This community is constantly working to improve the software, create new modules, and solve problems encountered by users.
  • Cost : Drupal is open source and free to download, which can help businesses save on web development costs.

2. Our approach to Drupal development at partITech

Our team of Drupal developers is experienced and strives to understand the needs of each client in order to offer suitable solutions.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Creation of custom modules,
  • Implementation of responsive themes and designs,
  • Website performance enhancement,
  • Security and maintenance,
  • Version upgrade,
  • Training and assistance in website management.

3. Our achievements

We have supported several companies in the realization of their Drupal projects.

Here are two examples of projects for our clients:

  • The website of the Stade de France : creation of numerous features for users such as online ticketing for concerts and sports events, the program of upcoming events, booking guided tours of the stadium, meeting room rental, parking reservation, online store. Drupal allows several people in parallel to modify the site content according to different levels of permissions. The device is secure for both content and user data.
  • The website of Plasseraud IP : intellectual property firm, offering consulting and representation services in patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, and other areas of intellectual property. Drupal primarily allows to highlight and administer, in 6 languages, the firm's activities, experts, news, and events of the sector.

4. Why choose partITech for your Drupal project?

By entrusting your Drupal project to us, you can count on:

  • A team attentive to your needs,
  • Customized solutions,
  • Acompaniment and technical support,
  • A high performing and secure website.

If you want to develop a Drupal website adapted to your business, do not hesitate to call on partITech. Contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can help you realize your project.