Development of the technical platform hosting the 9 websites of the CAUE of Île-de-France which promote the architectural, urban, landscaped and environmental quality of the region.

partITech carried out the Technical Design phase in collaboration with the Client, set up and supervised a production team (technical project manager, developers, HTML integrators, testers), supervised the acceptance and production.

Category : Culture
Client : CAUE


The Union Régionale des CAUE of Île-de-France uses a Drupal platform which allows them to administer their site and to collaborate with the CAUE of only part of the departments of the region which also have a Drupal site on the same platform. They share several features like the ability to take up and modify the content of other sites, an abecedary, a calendar... but everything does not work as desired.

Drupal duplicates content in the database as many times as this content is shared or modified. This leads to a very large number of voluminous records because they often contain media. Therefore each time an administrator updates one of the sites the back office intervention requires many minutes and makes the work very tedious. The other consequence is that the platform can only accommodate the sites of 4 departments out of the 8 originally planned.

The new technical platform must allow to administer the sites quickly, to have a mobile version and a personalized graphic identity.